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I felt lost and confused

Simon, secondary school student

When I went to Barry I was lost and confused. I was anxious and scared the whole time. Sometimes when things got to much I would self harm. My Mum brought me to Barry and he was able to describe exactly what I was going through without really asking many questions. I immediately felt relaxed for the first time in years. Things don't seem as bad as I thought anymore and I know now I've got tools to deal with stress now"

My life was upside down!


"I was going through a difficult marriage break up when I went to Barry. I felt as if my life was upside down. Emotionally I felt very vulnerable. I really didn't want to talk about what had happened in the marriage and was relieved when Barry told me I didn't have to. We focused on my emotions and how to process them. During and after each session my body felt lighter and in the weeks after a session so much things clicked into place for me. I am so grateful for Barry's help"

He has taught me what to do!

Paul, primary school student

My Mom brought me to see Barry last year. I was feeling nervous and not sleeping well. Barry gave me exercises to do and talked to me. I'm sleeping and feeling a lot better. He has taught me what  to do when I'm feeling anxious."

A vison for my Future!


"I've worked with Barry on Skype a number of times. I am based in Asia and was recommended to contact him by a friend at home. I was bit sceptical about the skype format but after 5 minutes I was in no doubt of how effective it is. A lot has gone on in my life and Barry was able not only to guide me through it but help me create a vision for my future. Distance is definitely not an obstacle for Barry!" 

No more colic!

Michelle, parent

My baby Emma had  a difficult birth and was very windy and in a lot of pain. I heard of craniosacral therapy and am delighted I went to Barry. Barry was very gentle with Emma. There was no major change after the 1st session but after the 2nd Emma showed no more signs of colic. I was so impressed I even booked myself in for a session too!"

He prepared me!


" I could not have imagined the amount of positive change that has come about from the clarity gained over the months of work put in with Barry. His no b/s, straight forward approach combined with healing, awareness and teaching, equipping me with many practical skills which I have integrated into my everyday life.​"

Clearing my pain

Lisa, teacher

I first attended Barry with back pain which I had for over 10 years. Surgery and physio helped to manage the pain but not cure it. After a number of sessions of both physical and emotional clearing my pain is practically gone, my self-confidence has soared, finances have improved and most importantly I feel free for the first time in my life both physically and mentally."

I feel like a different person

Elaine, student

"I was struggling with concentration and self-confidence. I found school hard and didn't want to be there. My mind was always racing and I was very frustrated. Now, I feel like a different person. Barry helped me to understand myself and deal with stress. Now I am happy in my own skin and more focused in school"

Free from my past

Sarah, writer

" I experienced a lot of trauma in my childhood but emotional and physical. I didn't ever think I could be free of it. Barry has helped and continues to help me process my emotions and feelings. My mind is lighter and I don't feel trapped by my past at last"

Frances, Team Leader, Disability Services

Barry has helped me learn how to process and deal with my emotions more effectively so that when I do become stressed I now have the tools to deal with it. I recommend Barry to anyone who wishes to lead a more fulfilling and empowering life.​

Prepare to Wake Up!

Mark, Sports Psychologist

"What Barry did for me was gently awaken my consciousness from a heavy slumber and introduce me to myself. In doing so, Barry has helped me turn my life into a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and conscious (and fun!!) existence. He is a skilled and caring healer who seems to know exactly what you need when you need it. I would recommend him to anyone. Prepare to wake up!​"

Working with Barry Has Changed My Life!

Karla, Teacher

Working with Barry and practising Reiki over the last year has honestly changed my life! The life-tools he provides are invaluable. The constant support and guidance he offers done so in a way that is caring, practical and deeply respectful of each individual and their circumstances. Barry brings a combination of deep spirituality, compassion, guided intuition, energising methodologies, great personality and fun to each encounter. I will be forever grateful for my experience with him!

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