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Barry Drew


Soul Healing Series

4 Week Soul Healing Series

Week 1   is  FREE

Starts 8pm Thursday Nov 10th


The Invitation


The Preparation


The Release


The Return Home

Are you feeling stuck ?

✔  Are you tired of the way you think about yourself?

Do you find that you don't quite feel yourself?

✔ Have you ever felt that part of you is missing?

Are you weighed down by things that have happened in your past?

✔  Are you ready to hook into the Universal Mainframe and receive some high-energy Divine healing? 

Are you ready to do all this in person or in the comfort of your own home?


I sure hope you are! This 4-week healing adventure is designed to gently and deeply cleanse and heal your soul! 

There are certain times and events in your life that can cause pain, suffering and trauma on a soul level. You may or may know know the cause but you can feel it.

It may be contributing to you feeling stuck, frustrated, fearful or overwhelmed. Soul pain can affect your relationships, finances, health and more.

This healing series is designed to bring healing to your Soul and anchor it in your body

 When painful or traumatic life events happen part of our soul can become fragmented and live outside of the body. Your soul is allows seeking balance to to be 'whole'. However there are times when this fragmented part cannot find its way back. It leaves a void, an emptiness within, for some even a numbness. 

But here's the thing... it's not just a matter of bringing that fragmented part back and that's that. The fragmented or wounded part of your soul needs healing. It's also imperative to prepare your mind and body to welcome the wounded part of your soul. Just like a scared child it will need to a warm, loving and compassionate environment so it can learn to trust and ultimately relax in its new surroundings.


The healing energies we will work with during this series are designed to help and welcome the wounded parts of your soul HOME.

Week 1 is FREE so you can get a flavour or what lays in store in the weeks ahead. Once you sign up for the series, not only will you receive a further 3 deep Divine Healings for your Soul.

All sessions are recorded for those who can't make it live on the night. Once you sign up you'll receive an MP3 recording the next day to your inbox.

WEEK 1 is FREE so sign up through the link below and check your inbox for

your zoom link.

Finer details:

  •  Please enter the Zoom room at 7.50 pm

  • For optimal audio experience wear headphones

  • Sit or lie comfortably with the spine as straight as possible

  • Can't make it on the night? Don't worry! Sign you will receive an MP3 recording the next day


Image by William Farlow

"The whole series was brilliant. My old injuries are hardly there at all anymore. Mind-blowing."


Barry Drew is a Spiritual Coach, Mentor & healer. He works with people in Ireland and internationally via Zoom. He also runs workshops in Ireland, UK, and Zoom.


His unique approach to healing helps people transform their lives to create more ease, confidence & fulfillment from within.

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