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Yes, I have experienced a reduction in physical and emotional pain. I have been experiencing pain -> discomfort from my mid back down through my left leg and out my little toe since last year. I have done other therapies during this time and the agonising debilitating pain has alleviated to a discomfort. The 3 consecutive Pain Body Healing sessions have come at the perfect time to assist me on my healing journey. The sharp pain in my left thigh has reduced greatly. The pain in general from my mid back, left hip, left leg, ankle and toe has reduced also. Emotionally I released some frustration, irritation, and anger but also experienced such peace, calm and compassion


I loved the 3 consecutive Pain Body Healing sessions. I feel it allowed me to focus a block of days to my healing. I was also more understanding of myself as I acknowledged my feelings, emotions and actions during the three days as directly relating to my healing.
I feel with healing sessions over the course of weeks I can sometimes forget the seemingly small but actually huge changes that I make in my life and the essential impact a healing session can make.


It is with complete gratitude and appreciation I thank Barry for the Pain Body Healing sessions. The idea to run the 3 group sessions consecutively was genius. It allowed me to focus a block of time directly on my healing and to see that the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions I took during this time were directly related to my healing process. I could clearly see the changes in my thought process, the healthy release of my emotions and I AM experiencing less physical pain. Overall, I AM communicating my wants directly to the beautiful people in my life.


Shamanic Healing is a relatively new experience for me even though I have experienced many other different healing modalities along my Healing journey. Barry has a unique gift and talent for getting to the heart of issues and healing them on a deep energetic level. It has been a very positive experience for me. I felt both energized and an inner stillness. 


I felt it was beneficial having 3 day sessions in a row because my energy field was exceptionally potent and ready to release and renew my energy. Each session releases another layer. 


I enjoyed the distant group healing sessions. I felt relaxed in the comfort of my own home and it is a wonderful gift to receive healing energy being transmitted via Barry to me and other group members with a pure heart-felt intention to heal with Divine love and light.


Barry, I would like to express my gratitude for sharing your gifts of healing energy to the sacred group over the past three evenings. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a gifted healer. I am feeling more aligned in body, mind, and soul. My experience has been very positive and uplifting. I feel increasingly more serene and a real sense of lightness of being. I so attribute this improved wellbeing with the accumulative effect of your healing sessions.

Barry comes from a place of deep compassion and integrity. I would recommend him to anybody who is in need of healing.

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