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Barry Drew


Shamanic Healing

The Energy Healing

Image by Zac Durant


Relax ~ Release ~ Receive

High-frequency energy healing activates your body’s own innate

healing abilities. This form of metaphysical energy

healing helps your physical, emotional, and mental energies align

with the Divine blueprint of health and wellness.

Working with Divine energies, Barry facilitates bespoke healing for you via phone/Zoom. 

Once the intention for your healing is clarified all that is required from you is to make

yourself comfortable, breathe and receive your healing.

It is highly recommended that you can rest for 2-3 hours post healing. From my experience

people who do this absorb the healing more deeply and see improvements more rapidly.


1 Healing:    €125

3 Healings:   €333


Group Healing

via Zoom

Enjoy the powerful healing effects of healing on Zoom call. Same high-frequency healing with a shamanic flavor. Simply book your place on the date that works for you and email Barry directly with what you want help with. The healing energies on the day are set up with your Divine helpers to clear what needs to be cleared and assist you in receiving what you need to both heal and growth. 
Although this is a group healing there is no interaction with other attendees. All you need to do is find a comfortable position and breathe in the healing vibes.  



Each business has its own vibration, its own Spirit. There are times when the energy of a business can become stagnant or does not seem to 'flow' as it once did.
This is where energetic healing can be of huge benefit. Remember business owners "YOU are YOUR business"! You carry the vibration of your business within you. 
In a business healing Barry focus' on clearing any energetic leaks, attuning both you and your business to the ABUNDANCE frequency.
This is a unique healing and tailored to each business.

The healing itself will take place over a 3 month period where Barry will also be available to offer practical guidance where appropriate. 
Many business owners avail of this service particularly when they are doing all they can marketing and promotion wise. To begin the process of aligning your business with ABUNDANCE contact Barry for a free call to discover if this is the right fit for you.

Investment : 


Group Healing


Such a powerful healing thankyou. My body feels like it's been spring cleaned. My pains in my hands and feet are gone. Very grateful” 

—  Name, Title

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